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August 11, 2006

Boston RL Seminar Highlights

Attendees gathered in Boston in August for the fourth stop of the Reverse Logistics Road Show series of seminars. Speakers from the retail and consumer products industry shared their insights, strategies, challenges and outlooks with attendees.

Mike Perkins and Barb Wood, of L.L. Bean, reviewed their returns management philosophies. They briefed attendees on how critical a role reverse logistics plays in their operations and highlighted the specific challenges with the retail and apparel industry. They also engaged in a lengthy Q&A session.

Len Wierzbicki of Black & Decker talked about getting a reverse logistics operation off the ground. He shared figures of how much reverse logistics can impact profitability and took questions on organizational structure and collaboration.

After lunch attendees boarded the RLA bus and headed for the Appleseed’s returns and distribution facility in Beverly, Massachusetts. Each attendee got a first hand view of the returns processes and structure utilized by Appleseed’s, a leading catalogue and online retailer. Attendees where able to see how Appleseed’s ensures that their reverse logistics strategies allow them to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

After a fun and interactive facility tour, Lee Norman of Clear Orbit briefed attendees on how he and his team have been enabling visibility, automation and reconciliation in returns management for a variety of industries and companies. Ending our productive seminar was a highly interactive panel discussion led by Ann Grackin, CEO of ChainLink Research. Ann questioned panelists and audience members on challenges, successes and outlined her views on the current state of the reverse logistics industry. New connections were made, new insights were gained and all walked away better prepared to address their reverse logistics challenges.